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The York Shambles !!!!!!

The York Shambles !!!!!!

The Shambles Is The Most Visited Street In York   This must be on your list of things to do here whilst your staying at our bed and breakfast here in York. The word Shambles comes from the Medieval word Shamel which meant booth or bench. It was also called Flesshammel a word meaning flesh as the Shambles was a well known street for butchers shops and houses. In 1827 a total  of 26 Butchers had shops on the Shambles which is a staggering amount. Livestock was taken to the Shambles and slaughtered and today when you look at the street you will notice the pavements are raised and a gully would have allowed the blood to travel down the […]

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Harry Potter Has Arrived In York !!!

Harry Potter Has Arrived In York !!!

The Shop That Must Not Be Named Is Here !!!! Do you love Harry Potter then you are going to love this……. We have a Harry Potter shop here in York on our very own Diagon Alley its other name of course is the Shambles !! Get your potions your wizard books and of course your very own Nimbus 2000 or the Firebolt !!! We can of course from our bed and breakfast here in York  point you and your broom in the right direction for the Shambles. It’s only a 15-20 minute walk to the Harry Potter Shop or by broom less than 5 minutes. To book your break at our bed and breakfast here in York you can […]

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